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WorkshopWorkshopGetting Down to Business Module 3 Policies and Procedures
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 Early Learning Connection
Default ContactDefault ContactAlexandra Dillon
Default LocationAdobe Connect
DescriptionLearning series (4 modules) for family home child care providers.  Fulfills Family Child Care Home I & II licensing requirement of business training (1-006.04C/2-006.04C).

Module 3 Policies and Procedures

This is session three out of four in the Getting Down to Business training series. In this workshop participants create policies and procedures for their family child care business which will include health and safety policies, parent agreements, and operation policies.

• Develop your child care policies and procedures
• Articulate a personal philosophy of childcare
• Provide a program description
• Develop operating procedures
• Draft parent agreements
• Outline health policies
• Determine ways to share your policies and procedures

Core competencies addressed:  Administration, Program Planning and Development, Professionalism and Leadership

AudienceAudience: Family Child Care Home Providers