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DescriptionModule 1 Business of Child Care

This module will explore policies, procedures, and practices that promote quality in child care centers. Participants will be expected to share their own policies and procedures at the end of this training series.
• Identify requirements of operating a center-based child care business
• Create budget strategies
• Demonstrate the importance of professionalism
• Predict record-keeping needs

Module 2 Child Development and Learning
This module provides an overview of child growth and development, and how early childhood professionals can support all children's growth and learning within their program.
• Understand how children develop
• Develop strategies which include all children in programs
• Develop ways to support children's development
• Understand how the environment can support children's growth and development

Module 3 Policies and Procedures
This module focuses on the importance of having policies and procedures in an early childhood program.
Develop policies and procedures for the program
• Draft parent agreements
• Outline health policies
• Determine ways to share your policies and procedures
• Develop a personal philosophy about child care

Module 4 Supporting Children Center Wide
This module focuses on what early childhood professionals can do to provide guidance and support young children's social/emotional development in the child care setting.
• Explore the advantages of center-wide strategies
• Develop a center-wide discipline policy and accompanying procedures
• Examine the connections between center-wide curriculum and guidance strategies
• Discuss strategies for a child who needs extra support

Module 5 Effective Workforce
This module explores the various aspects of developing a good and stable workforce for the early childhood program.
• Examine ways to create an effective workforce through personnel policies, job descriptions, and evaluation and hiring practices
• Identify components of developing and sustaining staff
• Describe supervisory models
• Determine staffing patterns

Module 6 Inside the Building

This module focuses on the child care space, looking at making the most of the space that you have, and creating a developmentally appropriate learning environment for all of the children in the program.
• Explore ways to make optimal use of space
• Discuss what to do when space isn't perfect
• Define developmentally appropriate material selections

Module 7 Relationships in Child Care
This module focuses on the relationship skills necessary to be a successful child care provider. Such skills include: assertiveness, communication, setting and respecting boundaries, and conflict management.
• Explore the importance of relationships
• Develop strategies for building partnerships
• Examine our own professional goals
• Determine ways to manage our own needs

Module 8 Transitions
This module focuses on the many transitions that occur in childcare for both staff and children. Participants will also share their policies and procedures handbook and supporting documents that they have developed throughout the course.
• Explore the transitions that child care managers experience
• Share handbooks and documents
• Celebrate completing all of the modules
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AudienceAudience: Child Care Center Directors