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WorkshopWorkshopEvery Brilliant Thing play performance and learning experience
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 Early Learning Connection
Default ContactDefault ContactAlexandra Dillon
Default LocationAdobe Connect
DescriptionParticipants will experience the play, "Every Brilliant Thing," a play that highlights the resilience of the human spirit and explores the delight that can be found in everyday.  Following the play a panel of experts will explore the impact of the play on participants, discuss the importance of self-care and explore age appropriate ways to communicate with young children about loss. Participants will experience an activity designed to help process the emotions discussed, thus modeling ways to use the arts to process emotions and provide an outlet for self expression.

Participant objectives:
-Explore how loss impacts care providers and their families.
-Recognize different kinds of loss.
-Identify self-care strategies to help manage the emotions related to loss.
-Understand how to appropriately communicate with young children about loss.
-Process the learning experience as a participant and educator in order to think differently about ways to use art as a tool to help children express and process emotions.

Core Competencies:  Social and Emotional Development and Creative Arts