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WorkshopWorkshopHow Our Brains Learn
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 Early Learning Connection
Default ContactDefault ContactAlexandra Dillon
Default LocationESU 10, 76 Plaza Blvd., Kearney, NE 68848
Description Description:  In this workshop, we will explore learning, connecting and behavior through brain development and adversity.  

1.How do stress/adversity impact the brain, learning and connection? How do we work to mitigate that impact to help our children?
2.How do we change our brain state to stay connected to our children during behavioral con?icts?  Adult brain state is the most important one so we must start there.
3.How do we use neuroscience research and brain aligned strategies to improve our children's engagement with their own learning?
4.How can we consider behavior through a regulation lens?  All behavior is communication.
5.How does this ALL inform what we do and why we do it?

Competencies:  Social Emotional, Learning Environment, Child Growth and Development

AudienceAudience: Early childhood educators of all learning environments