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WorkshopWorkshopExecutive Function: The Development of Making Connections
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 Early Learning Connection
Default ContactDefault ContactAlexandra Dillon
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Research shows that executive function skills affect school readiness, school success, college graduation rates, work and life success; and these skills can be taught and encouraged at any age.  These monthly sessions (2 hour information session with a 1 hour "coaching" follow up session) focus on fun, everyday activities, including using children's books, that educators and providers can use to promote and support the development of an essential executive function skill.

Making Connections is at the heart of learning and making unusual connections is at the core of creativity.  All children and adults can benefit from improving their capacity to make usual and unusual connections.  Making Connections involves paying attention, cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control.

PrerequisitesPrerequisites: None